Kitui man goes mute after ignoring witchdoctor’s instructions


A man in Kitui is suffering after failing to follow a witchdoctor’s instructions to the letter.

The victim, Wambua Ngala, allegedly revealed to his wife secret instructions the witchdoctor gave him.

Immediately after revealing he fell unconscious and was thereafter unable to talk coherently.

According to Wambua’s wife he got affected after showing her a concoction in a bottle.

Wambua told his wife that in a company of a neighbour, a businessman whose property had been stolen had gone to Tanzania to seek for a witchdoctor’s intervention.

He explained that the witchdoctor had done his part and the thieves were to be seen eating grass the following day.

Wambua could not speak coherently when KNA visited his home to confirm the facts.
“Wambua was not supposed to show the bottle to anybody, not even his wife but on reaching home, he showed his wife the bottle he had been given and explained all he had been told,” explained a neighbour who feared that the revelation and failure to follow the doctor’s instructions could have been what turned against Wambua.
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