Mentorship programme improving exam performance, says Malombe


    ‘Improved performance in KCPE and KCSE examinations reorded this year can only be attributed to a mentorship programme I borrowed from Kwale County.’ Malombe has said.

    The governor said the mentorship strategy came about during a casual talk with Governor of Kwale County Salim Mvurya and his friend Elijah Musili, who owns academies in Kwale.

    He said that he had realized schools in Kwale county performed well in national exams because of mentoring candidates and went ahead to implement the same in Kitui. ‘As a good leader, you must know when a good idea has been laid before you and you should run with it,’ Malombe said.

    Governor Malombe was speaking at a workshop attended by 1,300 primary school head teachers from across the county at the Kefri Centre, Kitui.

    Malombe lauded his programme saying before its inception only 270 candidates had qualified to join national schools in 2013 but the number has grown dramatically since the programme was adopted in 2014, the number has now shot to 857, a 270 per cent improvement.

    As a result the governor has promised to increase the number of KCPE exam candidates to be mentored through the programme this year from 6,500 to 7,800.

    Malombe said his visionary and transformational leadership has definitely seen Kitui attain a number of milestones.

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