We are yet to see Malombe’s commitment in sports

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has been at the forefront championing for sports, he has been very active participating in sports encouraging the youth to aggressively engage in healthy sports and facilitating formation of many clubs in his county.

His Machakos counterpart Dr. Alfred Mutua has followed suit showing great passion for football and pitching for rugby as a sport, both leaders have mobilized and motivated youths to join sports in their counties.

Mutua has organized major sporting events in Machakos county with a dedicated 40-acre Machakos People’s Park and a renovated Kenyatta Stadium, security systems and equipment as well as upgraded infrastructure which has promoted Machakos as a sporting, entertainment and cultural tourism hub, among other major developments that are seeing Kenyans from all walks of life, jam the town for events and public holidays.

Machakos is synonymous with fun event like World Cup dubbed‘ #Brazil2Macha fun fest’, The Safari Rally events and Macha Rugby Sevens events.

Clearly the two Ukambani counties have put their efforts towards nurturing young talents and selling their counties to the world, but very little has been seen from the Kitui Governor Malombe.

The hype created around sporting and cultural events attract large numbers of people to the county towns, especially people that are looking for a place to unwind and have fun, many have wondered why Kitui county would not take advantage of that.

Such profiling is very wanting in Kitui County, the county government has done very little in constructing state of the art sporting grounds that attract major sports, for instance Kitui Stadium Grounds has been upgraded for over a year now with the contractor on and off pattern. The Ithookwe Grounds that once hosted Kitui Rugby Sevens is nothing close to the set sporting standards yet we have huge potential in our youth.

Residents have questioned county government’s commitment in naturing young talents and marketing the county as a fun destination to the rest of world.



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