This is why Kitui Central MP may keep his job


    Those seeking to dethrone the incumbent Kitui Central Member of Parliament will have to brave for a think battle as the sitting MP has literally lived to his promise to his constituents.

    Kitui Central Constituency under the leadership of Hon. Makali Mulu was ranked the best constituency in Lower Eastern in managing CDF kitty, findings released by CDF Board.

    The MP has touched the lives the marginalized in different villages across his constituency through education, health and facilitating basic needs.

    Through the CDF kitty he has awarded bursary to every needy applicant, has constructed dormitories, classes and dining halls for schools across the constituency, including setting up police posts just to mention a few.

    Hon Dr. Makali Mulu has literally kept his promise of transforming Kitui Central Constituency into a developed constituency through prudent and equitable distribution of resources leading to all round empowered electorate.

    The study was carried out between November and December to assess how well the CDF committees in the 290 constituencies delivered based on their 2014/2015 performance contracts.

    Hon. Mulu has indeed applied his extensive experience in strategic planning, budgeting, governance spanning over 25 years to transform his constituency.Leaders aspiring for the battle him will have to do the undone to unseat the incumbent.

    ‘Ikali oyu no yake Ngolova’ commendable Makali Mulu.

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