Checklist;How to gauge you MCA


    By Kitonga Kitema

    Let us do MCA scorecard on these 6 parameters. If your MCA has over the last 3 years played his Role as the Member of the County Assembly (MCA) as outlined below, you reelect them for the second and last term but if not, vote wisely:

    1. Maintain close contact with the electorate and consult them on issues before or under discussion in the County Assembly

    2. Present views, opinions and proposals of the electorate to the County Assembly;

    3. Attend sessions of the County Assembly and its committees;

    4. Provide a linkage between the county assembly and the electorate on public service delivery; and

    5. Extend professional knowledge, experience or specialised knowledge to any issue for discussion in the County Assembly

    6. Should not directly or indirectly be involved in the executive functions of the County Government and its administration; or in the delivery of services as if the member were an officer or employee of the County Government.

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