Jimmy Wanjigi to sue nation group, says obituary was intentional.


By Fred Mulwa 

Jimmy Wanjigi has said that he will sue the nation media group for intentionally publishing an obituary of him while he was fully alive.

Wanjigi has confirmed that the nation CEO came to apologise and talk to him but he asked them to provide him with the individual who placed the advert.

Wanjigi has maintained that his face his well known and that could not have been a case of mistaken identity.

The nation CEO came to apologise to me but I asked him to provide the individual who placed the advert. You see, whenever one is placing an advert he must leave his identity number and name. Am not taking this lightly,” said Wanjigi.

He said the obituary had caused a lot of trauma to his family. Adding that his children were called with information that their father was dead.

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