Senator Susan Kihika quests why protests over torched Charcoal lorry weren’t done in Kitui.


Senator Susan Kihika quests why protests over torched Charcoal lorry weren’t done in Kitui.

Nakuru County Senator Hon. Susan Kihika Kimani has expressed her dissatisfaction by the protesters who blocked the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway last week protesting over a lorry ferrying charcoal that was torched by the angry group of unknown youths in Kitui few weeks ago.

It was ironical for the protests not to be held within Kitui County where the lorry was burnt.The Senator expressed her amazement and wonder why the protests were transferred to affect the normal business operations in her Nakuru county since the lorry wasn’t burnt within Nakuru County.This expresses her dissatisfaction as to why her people suffered the protests wrongly.

Due to the prolonged periods of drought within Kitui County and the drying up of the only major rivers that are widely relied upon for water by the locals, Governor Ngilu took the stern move and announced the ban of charcoal burning as well as the Sand harvesting in Kitui.She added that these two were the key causal agents of drying up of rivers due to the large scale forest clearance by the charcoal burners.This action was totally interfering with the water catchment areas which serve not only as source of rivers but also as the wildlife Conservatives.

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Deflated vehicles during Limuru demos

This action came just a few days after the incumbent Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu outlawed the commercial charcoal burning as well as the massive sand harvesting in the county by the non-residents. After weeks of investigation, the county of Kitui came to realisation that all these activities were carried on by the non-residents of Kitui.

Through her official Twitter handle, the Senator sought clarification why the protests were not held within Kitui County. For her,it would have been more sensible if the protesters who were demanding compensation for their burnt lorry ganged up and held their demonstrations within Kitui county.

Someoneanyone please help me understand why the protesters blocked Nairobi-Nakuru Highway to protest a lorry burnt in Kitui?Wouldn’t it make more sense for the protest to be in Kitui” Hon. Susan Kihika wrote.

Deflated vehicles during Limuru demos

During the protests, many vehicles got their tyres deflated by the angry group of the protesters. The demonstrators also barricaded the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway for quite number of hours before the police officers came in and restored the paralyzed transport to normal. During the protest, long ques of the public transport vehicles were witnessed along this busy highway.

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