Shock: How Malombe Finance Department Looted as Campaigns Heated Up


By Joshua Kosgei

Details have emerged on how Kitui County government lost over Kshs 765,423,764 in the last quarter of Governor Malombe’s regime. It is reported that fake contracts were awarded to unscrupulous companies most of which have been registered with IDs of dead people. Details have emerged from a thorough audit report that is said to be explosive and confidential only to the hired external auditing firm; Briand Auditors and Investigators LTD. 


In the report, Kitui’s Chief lady in charge of treasury and specifically coordinating the IFMIS payments key Procurement Heads and relatives have been badly implicated in this audit report. The following fishy payments were made.


1. Kshs 128,685,983 (128M) was paid in the month of July 2016 to Markel LTD allegedly registered under Stephen Masua and Mary Ngwio of ID numbers 142,568,965 and 65,438,576 all of whom are deceased persons. Shocking to many who have read the report, the bank account was used by a known vocal supporter of the outgone regime. These companies are said to have “finalized the tarmacking of Kitui-Kwa Ngindu-Miambani road”. The road, however, is in a sorry state.

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2. Kshs 67,677,300, 53,656,120 and 77,340,000 punches totalling to well over 198 M were paid to Brinkers Services and Consortium, Tryfossa General Supplies and Mahogany LTD for goods allegedly supplied to Ikutha and Kitui Hospitals. According to the auditors, the inventory records in these hospitals show no scan machines or drugs or consumables were supplied by these outfits as alleged in the LPOs annexed in the audit report.


3. In December 2016 a whooping Kshs 98,664,521 and 65,981,970 were paid to Makrau Research and Consultancy LTD and Westward Green LTD for “key expert based” planning and consultancy services. It was said that due to growing harsh climatic conditions and the need for adopting “adaptive strategies on sustainable Agribusiness” former governor had ordered for this firms to give “expert advise”. However, auditors saw no reports from the firms or evidence that indeed such services were offered.

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4. In the wake of a tumultuous campaign year, early February 2017, Kshs 78,900,000 was paid Sunflower IT Solutions LTD. A further kshs 21,342,871 was paid to the same same firm for “IT training” to employees of the treasury department. These payments were paid after the firm allegedly “provided automation services” for county revenue collections and levies. The audit report shows that none of such high end IT appliances and tools were received.


5. In March 2017, Kshs 89,980,450 and Kshs 54,672,541 were paid to Mart TR LTD and Harden General Works LTD respectively for having “held a county wide education sensitization on School principals and headteachers“. This robust training was allegedly on curriculum development and strategies on building base for good performance in both KCPE and KCSE exams. Numerous flight receipts and hotel bills were attached. Names of teachers attendance list were attached including “transport reimbursement” schedule of each teacher getting Kshs 35,000 per each of the 17 sessions. The auditors, however, discovered that NO such forums took place.

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As the report remains guarded, pressure is already mounting on Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to “clean house”.The tabling of this report to the new Kitui governor is being feared and being blocked by key former regimes cartel still working in her govt. Last Friday, the court ordered for prosecution of former Economic advisor.


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