A 40 year old swept by water in Mwingi


    By Linah Musangi

    Mwingi, 7th March 2018: A body of a 40 year old man was this morning found lying along river Tyaa in Kyethani Location Mwingi central sub county of Kitui county.


    Confirming the incident,mwingi central police boss John Nyamu said that Mwinzi Matite was heading home at around 9pm when he met his death.


    He said that no sort of help could be found at the time Mwinzi was swept away by the water since it was night time.


    In the past few days, heavy rains have been witnessed all over the country.


    The deceased body was retrieved by police and taken to Mwingi level iv hospital mortuary.


    ” I call upon residents to be careful while crossing rivers and also avoid short cuts and use bridges especially while crossing rivers to avoid cases of death or any other bodily harm” Mr. Nyamu stated.

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