Why Ngilu risks losing her official car


Credible reports have it that Kitui County Government’s vehicles, including Governor Ngilu’s official car, have switched filling stations following a directive from “above“.

KituiOnline has established that the vehicles are now being fueled at a certain gas station in Kitui Town whose penchant for dealing in adulterated fuel is known far and wide.

It is rumoured that the ill-informed decision was a culmination of a “deal” sealed between senior county officers and owner of the station to siphon funds from the administration at the expense of wrecking its wheels.

The station is infamous for mixing kerosene with petrol or diesel so as to maximise profits since kerosene is cheaper than the other two at all fuel pumps,” says a Kitui-based mechanic.

Tumezoea kutengeneza magari yanayojaza mafuta hapo, tunashangaa sana kuona gari za county zimeanza kunywa mafuta kwa hiyo petrol station (sic),” added the mechanic who services vehicles at Jua Kali garage.

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The vehicles were previously fueled at a trusted Gas Station opposite Magunas Supermarket which is largely recommended for government vehicles due to its quality fuels.

One of the ministers’ drivers anonymously confirmed to KO that they have been ordered to fuel the vehicles at the “new” station but maintained he can never fuel his personal car there due to obvious reasons.

Automobile experts warn that mixing of petrol or diesel with kerosene drastically changes the product’s specifications and once used can lead to loss of engine power or damage and eventually, general car break down.

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