Makueni Assembly urged to legislate a Bill to better Girl child’s Health.


Madam Christine Kavuli, a leader of Mulala OVC raised (Orphaned children support group) raised cry to Makueni goernance to formulate and pass a bill seeking to have the county government led by Prof. Kibwana to have all teenage school going girls get provided with sanitary towels to better their health.

This move apart from boosting the girls health will also champion their rights hence empowering them.The girl child usually passes hard times especially while at teenage age due to their health concerns.

The county should set aside funds to cater for the health concerns of teenage girls’ at the schools.

County Government can initiate a programme under the Department of Education to be dealing with matters concerning girls overall health.This move can tame the events that have seen schools turned into political platforms with all manner of branded sanitary towels hence exposing our daughters to uncensored content and of political slogans.

According to the schools statistics obtained from sampled schools across Makueni County,thousands of girls recorded at least 5 days monthly absenteeism associated with their monthly health concerns.

The Welfare Groups which are associated with the provision of such heath towels to the schools girls’ should abstain from that and leave the burden to the county government.

A platform should be provided for any Organisation seeking Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR to help the teenagers to partner with the Governor’s office and not directly to the schools.

This is because the several Initiatives dragged to our schools as Charity work or CSR have the capacity to open up our girls to the people with ill motives pretending to offer health support .

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