Revenue collection in Kitui increases by 27%

Ms Mary Nguli - Kitui CECM, Finance

By Linah Musangi

16th March 2018     

The month of February 2018’s revenue collections increased by 27% despite the ban on charcoal and sand harvesting that nearly recorded zero collections.These impressive revenue growth clearly indicate the positive gains from the ongoing restructuring exercise started in December last year.

The best performance was from Kitui central division.Other areas that significantly improved their collections were Kitui Town Administration having improved its collection by 73% followed by Kitui Rural(Central Division)50%. Kitui South, Kitui West and Mwingi North(Tseikuru Division) also performed well having improved their collections by 47%, 23% and 21% respectively.

However, revenue collections for Mwingi Central, Mwingi West, Mwingi North(Mumoni Division) and Mwingi Town Administration did not perform well as these areas collected less than what was realized in a similar month in the last financial year.

There was no revenue growth for Kitui East and Kitui Rural(Yatta Division).

Speaking at her office early this week, the CEC in charge of the County Treasury confidently said that the county was on the right track and would soon lead on financial management and fiscal responsibility. She further revealed that her Ministry had rolled out a revenue enhancement strategy that will, in addition to automating revenue collection, expand the capacities of its staff, revamp revenue enforcement and introduce a rewarding system to the best performing teams.

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Plans are underway to roll out monitoring programmes that will ensure its staff are well utilized, properly rationalized and perform their work diligently. We will invest in staff rationalization, competence building and digitization programmes in the months to come” she further added.

While terming the performance satisfactory, Ms  Nguli has set her eyes to sealing all revenue loopholes the county has been experiencing and dismantling cartels that have in the past fleeced the county millions of shillings with little regard to its development record.

We shall ensure all money collected on behalf of the county is safely deposited to the county coffers to enable the county fund the five strategic pillars of its development agenda namely, Food & Water, Health Care, Education & Youth Development, Women Empowerment & Wealth Creation” finance CEC  added

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