Two bodies of 3 people who drowned at river Enziu in Mwingi recovered.


    BY Linah Musangi

    17TH MARCH, 2018

    Two bodies of 3 people who drowned in Enziu River in a lorry ferrying charcoal from Imba Location in Mwingi East Sub County have been recovered. Among 5 people who drowned in the river, 2 managed to manoeuvre their way out while the rest died .


    However, one body is yet to be found in the river.After the lorry broke down in the middle of River Enziu,the 5 opted to spend the night in the lorry unaware of what was likely to befall them.


    Death of these 3 people have raised the number of those those who have lost lifes to 7 since the heavy rainfall started in that area.This is even after Mwingi OCPD John Nyamu had cautioned the residents against crossing the flooded rivers.


    Nyamu confirmed that the search for the missing one body to be ongoing alpng the river .The Mwingi Police Boss added that his police officers wont relent until all the people who drowned in a lorry transporting the charcoal.


    Besides that,there has been massive paralysing of educational centres within Mwingi sub county as a result of these frequent flooding hitting the area.This has left hundreds of school going children stranded after the massive flooding. Transportation has also been negatively affected the public transport sector in the region.


    According to the local residents of the area,the commuters in the lorry had been cautioned against spending the night in the lorry but they by far refuted the caution claiming that nothing dangerous could happen to them.


    David Mbuvi,one of the local residents, said that they had severally warned the 5 several times but they couldn’t take heed to their caution since they were after guarding the 80 charcoal sacks in the lorry.


    Mbuvi also confirmed that the recovered bodies were taken to Nuu Health Centre since the river couldn’t be crossed over to take the bodies to Mwingi Level IV Hospital. Also,he added that the remaining body can only be recovered after the water levels in the river goes down.


    Mutemi Mwaroko,another local resident, said that such a times in the previous years the parents had to risk their lives by crossing the river in order to aid their children get reach to schools such as  Ivuusya Primary School which has enrollment of pupils from both sides of Enziu River.


    Mwaroko added that sometimes both parents and their children were being forced by the situation to spent their nights at cold river banks of the river waiting for the water levels to go down so that they may cross the river.


    Currently at the river, only small part of metal grills making the lorry body is visible.This is after the lorry was severally overturned by the water and immersed in the sand leaving only small section protruding over the flooded river.



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