Raging fire burns another house in Kitui


One family has been left houseless  after their house was razed down by a huge fire that engulfed it Monday morning  in Kitui, opposite AIC Baby home. This is just a hundred meters from Kitui County offices which were razed by fire a month ago.

Residents said the fire started at around 3am and spread fast, that nothing could be saved.

County government fire engine  arrived at the scene though some hours late it managed to save neighboring houses. But the agitated residents blamed the county government for failing to respond quickly to stop the fire from spreading.

We cannot continue to see our houses burned down yet county’s fire engine is parked less than five meters away” one of the agitated resident told KO

It took me close to two hours to go and pick engine’s driver from his home. Navigating to his home based on phone direction was a challenge” Mueke, a neighbor

No casualties as the occupants managed to escape unhurt.

According to Christine Wausi, occupant of the house says she was alerted of the fire by her 4 year old daughter.

The fire started in my daughter’s bedroom, she came calling me. ” Wausi added.


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