A slay queen leaves a young man hospitalised in Kitui


By Linah Musangi
19th March 2018

A middle aged man from Mathuki area in Mwingi East sub county of Kitui county is nursing injuries at Mwingi level IV hospital after he was pricked with an arrow after being alledged to be checking what is in the neighbour’s pot.

Joseph Mutambu was stabbed on the ribs by an old man,who claimed that Mutambu had a love affair with his beautiful young wife.

Joseph Mutambu was stabbed on the ribs

The over 50 years old man had issued a stern warning to young boys not to be seen anywhere around his homestead in fear that  they would feast on his ‘slay queen’. Anyone seen near his premises would dance to his tune.

Mutambu who is a shamba boy in the area said he was on his way to look after his employer’s cattle when the old man confronted  him carrying a bow and an arrow.

An argument emerged between the two that led to this old man stabbing Mutambu after attempts to shoot him failed when this youthful man managed to break the bow into pieces.

Joseph was rescued by good neighbours who heard him scream and rushed him to Mwingi level IV hospital whereas the whereabouts of the old man remain unknown.


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