Probox operators Express their Annoyance by Mwingi based Traffic Officers.


On Monday 26 th February, 2018 the Probox operators in Migwani Sub-County in Kitui County complained of harrasment by the Kenya Traffic Police officers while at work.

The mention of Toyota Probox sends various conclusions in people’s minds .Being the most convenient means of transport due to its penetration to the rural areas places probox ahead of other public means of transport in Kenya.

Since this means of transport started,there has been a significant improvement to the means of livelihood to many Kenyans kicking out a portion of poverty.

The police officers are demanding too much yet our profit margin is not that high,” one of the operators plying between Mwingi-Migwani route complained.

To many Kitui County locals, Probox transport seems the ‘Black Messiah’ since it has paved way and reach to the most interior parts of the county.For them over the past decades,reaching their homes or any other destinations remained a nightmare till the launch of Probox transport.

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This forced the locals to go the ‘long distance way’ observing the local slogan “no vaa” -implying it’s not far to reach the planned destination.

Many travellers never mind being squeezed in the small probox boot or being ferried 7 at a-go in the three seats.The main agenda in travellers’ minds is to reach their destinations no matter the challenges they face on the way.

The drivers also raised concerns on the proposed law by Kitui Assembly seeking conversion of their operations to taxis’ services from current Public Service Vehicle (PSV).

The reason we carry excess passengers is for us to get something in our pockets.If we operate like taxi we will be operating nothing.Most residents in this area cannot pay for taxi services,”Kyalo Mutinda,a driver confirmed.

Concerning the matter, Mwingi Member of National Assembly Hon. Charles Nguna urged the police officers to stop this harassment to provide a better chance for prosperity in their own businesses and also to ensure peaceful coexistence among them.

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Hon. Nguna also urged the locals not to tire planting trees to increse the forest coverage in the larger Kitui District.

I will provide trees in schools around my constituency to ensure that tree planting becomes easier,” Hon. Nguna added.

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