when will charcoal business stop?

Charcoal seized from one the lorries in Kanyonyoo along the Thika-Garrisa road.

26th March 2018

One probox was yesterday evening arrested and taken to Mwingi police station by the Deputy sub county administrator together with his team transporting 18 sacks of charcoal from Ngomeni area of Mwingi north to Nairobi.

Despite Governor Ngilu’s ban on sand harvesting and  charcoal burning that was effective from January 16th 2018, the business is still booming in some parts of the county.

This has raised eyebrows leading to alot of questions like who are the cartels behind the illicit venture and the reason why they are still operating on the illegal charcoal transporting business.

The driver of the probox with registration number , KCF 781D opened up to one Musili who was washing it in Mwingi town that he is carrying charcoal and one trip from Mwingi to Nairobi gives him up to ksh.45,000. This means that one sack of charcoal is currently selling at ksh.2500.

It is through the interaction that Musili knew what the probox was carrying. He called Musyoka Luka and informed him about this vehicle ferrying where Njoroge escaped later finding him few kilometers from town and took the matter to the police.

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However Paul Njoroge escaped while the deputy county administrator was recording a statement.

He excused himself to go and buy water complaining about the harsh climate conditions of Mwingi. This was the last time we saw him. We do not know about his whereabouts but with us is his phone number that will be helpful to the police while locating him.” Joseph Kyavoa, an officer at monitoring and evaluation development in kitui said.

The same person is alleged to be the owner of the probox that mysteriously caught fire in Mwingi town a month ago ferrying charcoal.

There are quite a number of roadblocks in between Ngomeni and Mwingi town. Did the police not see this probox? Yet Njoroge said that he transports charcoal from that area twice a day. Funny enough, where the probox was later found was past the main roadblock.

What is the police doing about charcoal burning?


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