Primary School in Kitui Rural closed indefinitely


A public primary school located in Kitui Rural constituency has been closed down indefinitely after parents withdrew their children from the school owing to massive graft allegations.

Parents at Nthongoni primary school in Nthongoni location,Yatta Division and in kitui county  unanimously smoked their children from the school alleging that the head teacher has been involved in uncountable embezzlement scandles that are yet to be legal handled.

The parents lamented about Mr. Christmas Nyamai,the School’s headteacher who has been repeatedly swindling the school’s funds for his own personal gain.

Nthongoni is a mixed, day, District Education Board’s(DEB) primary school sponsored by the government of Kenya and has been reported to have an unfit learning environment despite having a pupil-classroom ratio and a teacher-pupil ratio of 30.9 each.

The parents further lamented that due to the many factors, inculding the embezzlement incidents and learning environment, the school has been posting poor performances in final national exams.
Mr.Nyamai has also been reported to be hard to work with and thus there hasn’t been good corporation between him and the School’s board of management.

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Being the automated secretary to parents teachers association (PTA), Nyamai has not been vouched for by the association and closing the school became the best alternative at the moment.

This comes few days after the Kitui West constituents overwhelmingly voted for Mrs. Edith Nyenze as the area member of Parliament in replacement of her late husband, Francis Nyenze.
The ball now squarely rests in the newly-elected legislator’s court to put the school back on its feet.

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