Kitui MCAs asked to reject 4 nominated Chief Officers


A section of the lobby group together with individuals close to governor Ngilu want four nominees who scored poorly based on performance on just concluded Chief Officers’ vetting rejected.

Most of the COs are said to have been Nominated to ministries they did not apply,and this raising constitutional querries .

The Members of the County Assembly of Kitui have been asked to redefine the image of the Assembly by rejecting chief officers who have served as civil servants before and posted poor performances.

The chief officers’ job is to be the overall accounting officers in ministroes, and it is feared that getting wrong individuals will cost the county’s adminstration.

Among the individuals whose appointments have been vouched for rejection are, Geoffrey Changangag, who has been slated for the Youth docket despite having applied for a different post.

Changangag is said to be a close relative to the county’s speaker and further having scored poorly during interview.

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Enock Nguthu is yet another name that has strongly been rejected owing to his corruption scandles that he tags.
along wherever he goes. Having served as an Asistant director in Malombe’s tenure and fired for being corrupt,he is believed not to be fit for the finance docket.

Benjamin Koko and Chris Maingi Syengo are yet another duo whose nominations have been strongly opposed.

Syengo,is believed, to have poorly performed during the assembly vetting. He however has found his way around the nominated list owing to the fact that he has a close connection to the county’s administration.
To wrap it all up, the activists have noted that the list doesn’t meet the minimum constitutional thresholds on Gender, Youth or people living with disabilities.

Kitui MCAs have been asked to reject the officers in line with the governors manifesto that provide necessity for officers who will deliver in the next five yrs.

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