Opinion: Charcoal business is here to stay


    Charcoal dealers in Kitui county are now working stress free, having come up with new ways of transporting their merchandise in and outside the county.

    It has been quite sometime since Governor Charity Ngilu made headlines with the heroic charcoal ban and all related activities in the county, a move that catalysed a series of unfortunate incidences among them the burning of vehicles/lorries.

    The ban looks like a success on the outside with a large percentage of Kitui residents thinking that it was a win and that the charcoal menace was thwarted for good.

    This is a far cry from the truth given that the charcoal trade is ongoing in Kitui, this time at an increased rate than before using means that are much friendly to the ban.

    This business is successfully being done with aid of some county officials who are constantly in communication with these Barrons.

    If the fight against deforestation and charcoal burning is to be realised there has to be willing parties especially those enforcing the law.

    Police officers involved in the business either directly or indirectly also need to be punished, fired and most probably brought to book.

    The following are the common routes being used to ferry the black gold within and outside the county:
    – Kavisuni – Lower Yatta – Katangi (Machakos county)
    – Ikutha – Athi – Makueni County

    Branded lorries ( among them lorries ferrying bread and transit lorries), box body lorries and small cars(Probox) transporting Miraa are the vehicles being used in the illegal business.


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