Two officers to face legal action for facilitating charcoal truck escape


Two Environmental law Enforcement Officers, Carol Kilatya and Monicah Mwaniki were today sent on compulsory leave after defying the call by the Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau to all officers in the county not to indulge in the illegal charcoal businesses.

The two are allegedlyreported to have Colluded with Charcoal transporters to escape arrest, despite the depot county boss ordering the impounding of the lorry in question.

The lorry, whose plates are KBP 104K was ferrying at least 140 bags of Charcoal, and Dr. Wathe had alerted the officers it was heading their way, at Kyandula revenue collection point.

Dr. Wathe was later called by a charcoal vigilante team, telling him that the lorry wasn’t stopped and was heading to Athi River.

When the DG called the enforcement officers, they said they got orders from above, to let the lorry pass. He then told the youths to barricade the road and stop the lorry but their efforts were futile.

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Drama ensured when the lorry drove over the bricks which the youths had used to barricade the road, and headed on its way from the county’s restrictions.

Dr. Wathe called Adminstration police officers and a revenue officer from the county treasury, who barricaded the road with the spikes, and successfully stopped the lorry.
A lady who was on board alighted and removed the spikes on the road and told her driver to drive on, in full glare of of the Officers.

The DG called County AP Commandant Mr. Wasike and reported to him the incidences and asked him to act on the issue.
The lorry was impounded at Athi Market by AP officers and together with the driver, taken to Mutomo police station where they are in police custody.

The two enforcement officers will report to their headquarters with a detailed letter, explaining why they defied the DG’s order.
Stella Kamuti and Denis Muli are the new enforcement officers ordered to man the Kyandula revenue Collection point replacing the dismissed duo.

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