Opinion: Top performing Ministries in Kitui County

Kitui Treasury CEC, Ms Mary Nguli

There have been incessant allegations from members of the public that ministries in Kitui county are not delivering as expected. The following are the top performing ministries/ministers:

1. Mary Nguli (Treasury)
The ministry has so far proven to be a ministry to watch in Ngilu’s Administration. Key in her agenda is closing corruption gates in revenue collection and automating the processes.

In less than four months into office waziri Mary Nguli had seen Kitui revenue collection improve by 25%.

Nguli’s ministry has had emphasis on public participation which has greatly helped her docket to have specific issues to tackle/plan for.

2. Eng Cornelius Kakundi ( Land, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development)

This is the largest ministry and has seen a big transformation in the transport sector where every ward in average has had 30km graded in grading program launched in January, expected to end in April 2018.

Implementation of repairs in different government departments, drifts and urban roads has been a success courtesy of LIHUD.

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Drainage systems in Kalundu has also been facilitated by the same ministry.

Among other projects Kakundi’s ministry plans to have dustless urban centers implemented in the next financial year, 2018/2019

3. Koki Musau ‘Kuvasila’ (Sports, Culture and Tourism)

Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism is vital when it comes to mapping Kitui county nationally and internationally.

Our youths in different county have been empowered differently sport wise.

The Ministry has successfully initiated and identified tourists xattractions site and recreational parks. Among them Kalundu recreation park.

4. Philip Mumo (Trade)
The ‘young’ minister in trade docket is doing wonders to ensure every tender is in a good and conducive business environment.

Barely six months in office trade ministry has had youth Empowerment projects already being felt; upgrading of Kitui’s main car wash.

Cattle holding and loading/offloading ramp has already kicked off in some constituency.

The next big thing under Mumo’s ministry being county Lorries for transportation of livestock to different markets within the county.

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5. Mr Emmanuel Kisangau (Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development)

Regardless of Kisang’au numerous attacks on social media he has done a good job in water docket.

The water harvesting program is schools at word level will help communities in harvesting water.

Commencement of construction/improvement of earth/sand dams which is in place is a score in Kisang’au docket.
Rehabilitation of non functional boreholes is at an advanced stage

Silent ministries
On the other hand there are some ministies whose impact is yet to be felt amongst them:

1. Health – Ms Rosaita
2. Education – Mr David kivoto
3. Environment – John Makau

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