Kivutha Kibwana hits at Mulyungi for attacking Ngilu

Makueni County Governor Kivutha Kibwana During an Interview with The Standard on Makueni issues on at a Nairobi hotel.

The Makueni county governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has hit at the Kitui Central Member of Parliament, Hon Mulyungi for attacking governor Charity Ngilu.

While addressing residents of Makindu, Makueni on Sunday, Kivutha bitterly condemned Mwingi Central Member of parliament Gideon Mulyungi’s attacks on Ngilu despite several warnings from other leaders asking him to desist from the same.

Kibwana noted that despite efforts by leaders in the region to bring the Kamba community together and rally behind Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, other leaders in the party have not fully taken in the efforst. He further expressed his dissatisfaction on how a section of Wiper leaders belittle new comers in the party, calling them all types of names.

“I am disappointed that after we did lots of work to help Kalonzo bring our community together, Hon Mulyungi saw it fit to virulently attack Governor Ngilu,” Kibwana said.

Kibwana said that some leaders in Wiper view new comers as outsiders adding that the attacks are contrary to the party’s purpose. He further owned up to the fact that he has started getting tired of complaining every now and then yet no action is taken against the perpetrators of such heinous acts

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“Honestly, personally, I am beginning to be fatigued by this whole thing,” Kibwana added.

Kivutha’s dissatisfaction comes few days after Mulyungi called Ngilu a chameleon who dines with the party’s enemies and further threatening to hire youths to ‘work on'(rape) the Kitui Governor.

Mulyungi’s outburst did not sit well with leaders and locals from the three counties that make up the Akamba nation and has since been given a seven day ultimatum to apologize to Ngilu and every woman. The controversial lawmaker has however not yet adhered to the call to date.

This has also thrown into necessity the question of whether or not Governor Kivutha Kibwana is headed out of Wiped party.

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