MP calls on government to save kitui farmers

Kitui Central Mp, Benson Makali Mulu during a past evnt

Kitui central member of National Assembly Dr.Benson Makali Mulu today urged the National and county government of kitui to assist farmers in the county with pesticides to fight the bitting armyworm pests destroying maize crops at a high rate.

Speaking at kwa Ukungu market during bursary disbursement where 2634 needy students benefited, Makali said there is need for these governments to cooperate and assist the farmers in fighting armyworm pests so as to realise high quality yields to eradicate famine in this county.

Makali also urged farmers to make sure that they have planted the crops that do not tale too long to mature during this March-May rainfall season.

In the last rainy season, farmers in most parts of kitui were reported to experience the same problem of armyworm-attacks, a situation that prompted the county government of kitui to intervene so that farmers can produce the high quality and quantity produce.

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