2-day free blood screening services for Kitui residents


Residents of Kitui county have been urged to visit their nearest hospitals
and health centers to access free blood screening services provided by Echo Network African.

According to Linah Mutuku, the manager director of Echo Network African, the non governmental organisation will provide health services ranging from body screening to control cancer, diabetes and blood pressure which are common diseases leading to a high mortality rate in Kenya.

The NGO has confirmed its partnership with the health sector of kitui county government and are set to lead a two-day free health examination at kitui town.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday morning during the official unveiling of the program,Linah said that there is need for women to have their breasts screened so as to know whether they are free from breast cancer or not.

She further added that they would be conducting a mass education for
women on the ways of examining their breasts for the killer cancer at the comforts of their homes without having to visit health facilities.

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“Everybody should be examined being free or not because some have symptoms of these diseases but they don’t know,” said linah

Further,those who have already been found with one of the above named diseases,have been advised to undergo early treatment as required.

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