No one will evict you, Ngilu assures Kitui artisans

Kitui artisans
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu speaks to Kitui town artisans when she visited their sheds on Wednesday April, 18.

Kitui county Governor Charity Ngilu on Wednesday April 18, assured jua kali artisans that fears of eviction from their sheds was unfounded.

Speaking to the artisans during a visit to the their sheds, the governor said her visit was aimed at delivering the assurance that her government only wanted them to have better working conditions.

The Governor assured them that the space they occupy will be restored to them after the renovation is over, contrary to rumours that their space will be occupied by other people.

She termed this as a malicious propaganda by people who do not mean good to the artisans.

The artisans agreed to move their operations to one end of the workshops to allow shades to be fully erected.

She re affirmed them that upgrading of the place will go on and everyone will get back their working area after the upgrade of the field is done.

Governor Ngilu wants an upgrade to ensure the artisans work under hygienic standards complete with bathrooms.

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She tasked the artisans’ chairperson to document each area of work, the name of the person who works on the area, type of work undertaken and all the necessary information.

The upgrade will empower the youth and create more job opportunities in kitui.

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