What fueled the Exit of the Former Health Minister.

Ms Rosaita Ngina - Health CEC, KItui

The former Kitui County CEC for Public Health and Sanitation Hon. Rosaita Ngina has been caught addressing the public what necessitated her exit from the county job.

It’s said her stay was long over due the much frequent impromptu visits to Kitui General Hospital by Governor Charity Ngilu a responsibility that belongs to the County Minister.

It’s still questionable how the County Health Minister in conjunction with other officials ordered the TV sets despite Governor’s say that it was not a priority.These sets wereto be purchased using the public funds that should be channelled to other health functions.

Several orders of drugs worth millions of money have been made yet the same medicine is expiring at the Referral Hospital’s drug store.Early February 2018 upon her unplanned tour to Kitui Level IV Hospital, Governor Charity Ngilu got shocked to discover a copy of medicine that had been ordered yet lot of the same had expired.

Hon. Ngina sponsored an article by Nairobi blogger that based its allegations on tenders and the tendering process failed to disclose how the CEC met the former county Health CO Frederick Muli and one of the Kitui’s top contractor at Matuu to receive a 3 Million bribe to hasten his payment.

Sources privy to the source indicate that Ngina has been calling the county officials .The big question is why call the county officials to be updated on county’s progress.

She called me to ask what people were saying about her.Governor anasema nini kunihusu,” anonymous told the source.

Further, she inquired much more information from the government.

Rots at Kitui Level IV Hospital.

It is said that 7 children died in one day at Kitui level IV hospital. After this incident, she never bothered to meet the parents who severally camped in her office and only took the Governor’s intervention to condole the families.

Its also said that on 3rd February, 2018 at around 9.30 a woman gave birth at her office gates after her juniors abandoned her lonely at the customer care desk. She later failed to take an action on them.

A woman will have to stay for other 4 months at Kitui Level IV hospital courtesy of the delayed doctor’s attention under the watch of Kitui County Minister for Health, Ms. Rosaita Ngina.

A patient is confirmed to have been in Kitui Referral Hospital close to 3 months for a borne fracture due to lack of money.


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