Ngilu acts to save mother of triplets


A 24 year old woman who gave birth to triplets in Mwingi North sub county 3 days ago has been rescued. The mother was rescued by the county authorities from possible starvation and other post-natal complications which threatened both her life and that of her beautiful triplets. 

It was double joy for Faith Ngute Mukiti, from Kamuwongo village when Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu ordered that the new mother be accorded all the necessary medical and post natal care to ensure she doesn’t succumb to hunger and other illnesses.

Ms Mukiti,poor and penniless, was facing starvation threat, exposing her new borns to mainutrition, neonatal infections and possible death.

However, a swift intervention by the area village administrator Maryln Kilonzo who visited the family yesterday morning resulted in a call to Governor Ngilu, who swiftly ordered  emergency action to save the woman and her triplets.

The Governor has been sharing her mobile number publicly to enhance her accessibility to both staff and residents.

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The new mother’s situation was made more precarious due to her inability to receive prenatal care prior to the delivery.

Upon being briefed by the grassroots county officer, Mrs Ngilu mobilised her Hospital emergency response team of healthcare workers to take Faith and her triplets to Mwingi Level Four Hospital for proper medical care with firm instructions that the mother and the three babies be put off harms way.

The Governor also supported the family with baby food, clothes and money for upkeep. 
By yesterday evening, Faith’ s tribulations had metermophosed to an awesome bundle of joy, hope and anticipation.

Not only had she been attended to but also the threesome, who lay at the nursary with their heartbeats throbbing with rear regularity, given their circumstances.
Disease and lack of proper medical care made her situation very dire but now  her beautiful two daughters and a son are now at a safer government facility.

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