Kitui Central parents throw out School head


Katulani residents at mulango ward,in kitui central constituency, today closed Yakalia primary school claiming that the head teacher has been embezzling school funds for development.

On Monday April 30, being the first day for 2nd term primary schools opening, the parents held demonstrations by the gate of the school barring the school head from a accessing the premises.

In their peaceful demonstration at katulani area,the irked parents repeatedly alleged that,the head teacher has as well not been involving them in making decisions for school developments.

They claim that the pupils in the Learning institution have not been performing well ever since he was transferred into the school adding that he has not been in good terms with everybody including teachers. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that is legally mandated to run the school is reported to have fallen out with the headteacher as well, this rendering him unfriendly to all.

However, the parents demanded that a new head teacher be brought on board, one whom they can interact with for the benefit of their children,citing that they Will not take back their children till they get a new one.

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Yakalia Primary School is located in Kitui Central constituency in Katulani . The school is part of the Kitui district in the Eastern province of Kenya

Yakalia Primary School is a Mixed Day Only school. The school is sponsored by The Central Government. The School Institution Type is classified as – Ordinary .
This Primary School in Kenya has an enrollment of atleast 532 with a student teacher ratio of 48.4 and this means there is 53.2 pupils per classroom in 10 classrooms.

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