Ngilu Orders Mining Companies to Surrender Licences

H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu - Governor, Kitui County

Governor Charity Ngilu ended her tour of Kitui’s mineral belt by extolling residents to stand in solidarity with her government ahead of the impending extraction of county wealth. The Governor also called on residents to join her in efforts to protect mineral prospects in the county.

Addressing residents of Mithikwani in Kitui West Sub-county this evening, the County Boss swore to ensure that mineral deposits strengthen the county’s economy through proper extraction structure and general mineral control in the county.

She said Kitui is blessed with huge deposits of limestone in Ngaaie in Mwingi, Coal in Mui, Copper in Kitui West, and limestone in Kitui South among other places.

She however decried the many years of delay in the mineral extraction plan and expressed commitment in fast tracking the process.

“I’ll ensure that this process begins in all areas, our people should not ail in poverty when we have such vast deposits” She said.

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Ngilu said she convened an inclusive stakeholders meeting on mining at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) in Kitui town this Friday to resolve a way forward regarding the mining process.

She reiterated her government’s commitment in fronting policies that would maximally benefit the common man.

“For many years our people have suffered, we must surely reason together and move ahead” she said.

The governor also issued an ultimatum to all mining companies involved to surrender licenses they hold alluding to the possibility of illegal acquisition.

She said the deposits will benefit thousands of residents when fully utilized hence contributing largely to the county’s income.

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