Famous Kamba freedom fighters you Must know about


The Ukambani region played a crucial role in the fight for the country’s independence from the British colonial administration.

Men and women took part in the Mau Mau war that fought against the colonial discrimination against Africans.

These leaders with others across the country gave up their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.

Here are 3 top Kamba freedom fighters you didn’t know:

1. Mulu Mutisya

He was among the Kamba freedom fighters who joined others across the country in fighting the colonial rule.

Mutisya was a powerful figure in the founder president Jomo Kenyatta’s government and during retired president Daniel Arap Moi’s reign.

He rubbed shoulders with Kenyatta and Moi as he fought for inclusivity after indpendence.

The veteran politician and freedom fighter died in 2004 and buried at his rural Machakos home.

2. Samuel Muindi Mbingu

He was born in 1893 and schooled up to form four at Kabete Technical.

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He later joined the colonial police force as a youth to fight against mistreatment of the colonial government.

Mbingu mobilized people to wage wars and resistance against the British government.

He was courageous and fearless in the resistance.

The freedom fighter was later arrested and detained in Lamu.

Mbingu’s death in 1953 catalyzed the fight against the colonial government that later saw Kenya get her independence in 1964.

3. Paul Joseph Ngei

Ngei was born on 18 October 1892 in Kiima Kimwe near Machakos township.

He was the grandson of paramount chief Masaku after whom the town and the district were named.

Ngei was imprisoned for his role in the anti-colonial government movement.

He was among the ‘Kapenguria six’ arrested after the declaration of a state of emergency by the Colonia government in 1952.

Ngei established the African People’s Party in 1961.

After independence, Ngei held several ministerial positions in founding President Jomo Kenyatta’s government.

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Ngei died at the age of 81 in 2004.

The families of the freedom fighters have been calling on the national government to compensate them for their roles in the country’s independence.

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