Stolen Hospital equipment nabbed in Kitui before ‘disposal’

The hospital is accused of neglecting accidents victims who sought for medical attention.

On Saturday May 5th,  Dr Muthoka, the Health County Officer  and the acting minister in the same docket,  discovered a brand new hospital equipment heaped with others meant for disposal.

The equipment included brand new Hospital beds, Metallic chairs among others and are alleged to have been on their way to yet another graft-coated disposal.

The Officer in charge of maintenance, Mr Rama was squarely blamed for the ‘intentional‘ disposal but said he did not have any prior information that the equipments were among the scrape.

Mr Muthoka discovered these items during his impromptu visit at the facility.

How come new beds are being disposed, yet the officers involved have already requested for supply of the same” asked Muthoka.

He added that the staff at the facility must be responsible when it comes to taxpayers money.

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