Wanted Al Shabab Terrorist from Kitui on the run


An Al Shabaab terror suspect, who had sneaked into the country for a planned attack, is on the run after police officers uncovered their planned attack afore hand.

According to a security report by the Kenyan Police, Anthony Mbele Munyasya alias Abdalla, from Kitui County, has been fighting alongside the Al Shabaab in Somalia since 2014 and had been deployed into the country as part of a group of operatives that were to conduct attacks in Nairobi in February 2018.

Abdalla, is closely associated with Abdimajit Hassan, another terrorist suspect who is currently facing charges of planning to conduct attacks in Nairobi using a Vehicle Borne Explosive Device (VBIED) which was recovered by police in Merti, Isiolo County on 15th January 2018.

During the operation in Merti, police also recovered AK-47 rifles, hundreds of bullets and improvised explosive devices.

The report indicates that Abdalla, is a highly trained operative, armed and dangerous who has evaded a number of security operations to arrest him.

Following the arrest of Abdimajit, police have been pursuing Abdalla whom they suspect to be hiding in the country and is planning to carry out terror attacks.

Prior to joining Al Shabaab, Abdalla was a habitual offender who together with several other youths, burnt down the Living Water Church in Kitui.

They were arrested and charged with arson, but Abdalla jumped bail and sneaked to Somalia where joined the Al-Shabaab terror group.

Police are now calling on members of the public to help them arrest Abdalla before accomplishing his mission of causing harm to innocent Kenyans.

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