Joe Mutambu, Religious leaders join push for Kamba unity

The Kamba clergies' secretary general, Bishop Joel Nzomo and former Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Joe Mutambu addressing the press at Maanzoni Lodge in Athi River, Machakos County on Friday.

Former  Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Joe Mutambu together with the clergy, and Ukambani business community members have joined the ongoing crusade on Kamba unity and the unity of the national as a whole.

Speaking during a meeting by the resentetavies of the above named groups and a few politicians at Maanzoni Lodge in Athi River, Machakos County on Friday, the former legislator pointed out that infights might cost them the Kamba unity they so eagerly want.

Mutambu further cautioned the Machakos Governor m,  Dr Alfred Mutua against touring other counties while leaders from the Ukambani region are filled with hatred amongst themselves.

“Mutua and Kalonzo must extend a handshake and end the war that has existed over the years and which has left the community a more torn one,” said Mutambo.

The clergy on the other hand,  through the Kamba clergies’ secretary general Bishop Joel Nzomo, insisted that Ukambani’s top politicians MUST unite in order to understand the political stand of the community as we move forward.

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“All leaders from the Ukambani region, no matter from what political affiliation must come together for prosperity whether they decide to keep on opposition or to join the government but not to remain on the lukewarm,” Mutambu added.

Religious leaders will organise a prayer forum that’s expected to have an attendance of over 20,000 people from the community,  including political leaders, in a bid of uniting the community and forging a political path.

Making a reappearance at the meeting after losing in the 2017 general polls,  the former Kibwezi West legislator, Kalembe Ndile,  asked the religious leaders and the entire Kamba community to rally behind Governor Mike Sonko of Nairobi as he faces rough times.  Kalembe has been off the political grid ever since his involvement in a car accident after failing to clinch the Mavoko parliamentary seat,  and people had started wondering where he disappeared to.


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