Kitui’s Women Rep differs with governor Charity Ngilu

Kitui Women Rep, Hon Irene Kasalu

Kitui’s  Women Representative Irene Kasalu has asked Governor Charity Ngilu to consult residents and leaders before pushing on with her mining plan.

Kasalu said that the governor will not succeed in her development agenda if she does not involve the people.

Speaking at Mathuki grounds in Mwingi Central on Tuesday, the Wiper MP said that Ngilu has no option but to fully engage the people.

“The constitution is very clear on public participation and governor Ngilu should know that she cannot wake up and ask people to vacate certain places without consulting them and their leaders,” she said.

Kasalu said that while Ngilu has good plans for the people, she has to engage them in common agreement.

She said that as leaders they support the governor on mining agenda but will not allow her to force people to leave mining areas to other places without clear directions.

The MP said there has to be proper consultations and agreements, adding that the Kitui governor will fail miserably if she continues to ignore public participation.

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Kasalu’s comments were echoed by Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi who accused Ngilu of running the county administration like her own home.

“Ngilu should know that she was elected by people and must give them the chance to air their opinions before rushing to make decisions,” he said.

Mulyungi asked Ngilu to go back to the drawing board and come up with a clear plan in regards to mining in the county.

He said Mui residents are not ready to vacate the fields that are said to be rich in coal stones.

This turn of events comes barely month, after governor Ngilu said that she is engaging with the national government to have mineral resources in the country explored for the benefit of locals in the county

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