Shock as Kitui slay queen is awarded 91,000 as bursary


Kitui county has been put on spotlight on Social media platforms after it emerged that a socialite (slay queen) had been awarded a whooping kshs, 91,000 as bursary.

The slay queen,, whose name we identified as  Ziyad Hassan is rumored to be a ‘chips funga’ to one of the Kitui Members of Parliament got and received the ;bursary’ as payment for her services rendered t the MP.

The socialite is said to have received the cheque as a personal cheque but in an abid to avoid any suspicions, the cheque was forwarded to the Kenya Water Institute (KEWI),Kitui campus.

The lump some cash however found its way back to unknown pockets as records at the institution show that  the cheques that landed in KEWI amounted to 45,000 benefiting 9 students each getting KES 5,000.

Ms. Hassan, the lady who was awarded Kshs. 91000 as bursary.

When things got hot for the legislator in question,he wrote a letter demanding to get explanation surrounding the cheque from the Funds Manager, Mr Mulatya . KituiOnline has learned that the MP’s letter did not find its way to its destination at the time of this publication.

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Was the letter a side show? Well, your guess is as good as any….

Privy sources have also confirmed that the lady in question is a student at the Nairobi Aviation college and not  atKewi, Kitui campus as alleged. She has however been reported to be seen with the legislator frequently late in the evenings.

The lady has also been said to be famously known as Leila,  and not the name in the institution’s voucher.

Here are the few questions that residents have demanded for clarification ;

Unanswered Questions
1. Is Leila aka Zeyad a Kitui resident or just a ‘mpango wa Kando’?
2. How did she get an open cheque from the constituency?
3. How was 91k allocated to one ‘student’?

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