Ngilu asks Kituians to take sugarless tea rather than use poisonous sugar


Governor Charity Ngilu has vowed to launch an intensive war against peddling of fake products that threaten the health of Kitui County residents and other Kenyans.

Ngilu said unscrupulous merchants were allegedly distributing and selling sugar laced with mercury and copper in Kitui County and warned residents against buying and consuming such products.

She said the campaign against contraband products would be extended to all goods including adulterated brews that the national Government waged war against but which are finding their way back into the county.

“I would rather have my people take tea without sugar or use our honey instead of poisonous ‘sugar’ peddled by merciless and greedy merchants” she said.

She advised Kitui County residents to buy well-known local sugar brands manufactured by Mumias, Sony and Kenyan companies to avoid contracting diseases.
She was speaking at Holy Family Catholic Church, Kabati in Kitui West Sub-county during a funds drive towards purchase of a bus for the Catholic Women Association.

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Ngilu said her government was keen on delivering her manifesto pledges hinged on provision of water and food security, healthcare, education, women and youth empowerment and wealth creation.
“I’ll do everything in my power to ensure I deliver on my manifesto. I’ve faith and I’ve told God to deliver us from hunger, poverty and all the problems that weigh the people of Kitui County down”.

The Governor said the County Government of Kitui will soon launch universal health cover that will avail a comprehensive health insurance for all household members at a cost of sh. 1000 per year.

She said CT scans have been installed at the Kitui Referral Hospital and county residents will no longer travel to Nairobi in search of such services.

She added that the county government has also installed X-ray Machines in all the level 4 hospitals, hired 300 new doctors and will construct theatres in addition to continuous drug supplies to all health facilities.

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The event was also attended by Kitui West MP Edith Nyenze and Kitui Minority Leader John Kisangau.

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