Ngilu introduces poultry farming in place of banned charcoal burning


Charcoal dealers within Kitui County now have a reason to smile after Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu introduced a Poultry Program as an immediate alternative to the then thriving business trade that was outlawed early this year due to its devastating effects on environment and climate patterns.

The Poultry Plan was structured so as to relieve the local community from relying solely upon the charcoal trading that Ms. Ngilu banned due to its massive destruction to the environment.

In the Program,the County Government shall be distributing the chicken to the locals so as to open up a new revenue generation stream among them.

The program that was launched on Monday,18th June,2018 at Athi Assembly Ward in Kitui South Constituency, where over 556 chicken were distributed to the locals to kick off local farming that is said to be much beneficial due to its immense profits.

Speaking while handling over the poultry to the Athi Ward farmers ,Kitui CEC Environment and Natural Resources Hon.John Makau .

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Further, Makau added that poultry project will be a good substitute to the charcoal trade.This transition project from charcoal burning to poultry keeping marked the World Desertification Day.The project was highly praised due to its short-time beneficiaries to the Kitui farmers.

Flanked by his Chief Officer Mr. Kioko Kiilu,the CEC said Kitui Administration is committed to climate change mitigation to secure a safer surroundings suitable for human and animals living.

Kioko added that commercial charcoal burning must be eradicated promptly if the vegetation cover acreage is to be reinstated in Kitui County.

Also present were Athi Ward MCA who doubles as Kitui Assembly Leader of Majority Hon. Peter Kilonzo who applauded the County Poultry Project and encouraged the local residents to embrace it for their own benefit and income generation to better their daily means of livelihood.

Also, Kilonzo promised to work closely with Governor Ngilu to improve living standards of Athi Ward locals.

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