Why Kambas believe they landed on earth straight from Heaven

The Nzaui hill in Makueni County

When in school, we were all taught where every community in the country came from to settle in Kenya.

For the Kamba community who are Bantu’s, it is said they originated from Congo according to history.

It is said during their migration, some settled in Tanzania around Mt Kilimanjaro and those who proceeded to Kenya settled in Kitui, Machakos, and Makueni Counties.

However, the Kamba community has a different story on where they came from.

There are several myths that explain the origin of the Akamba.

The first myth is that; the community believes that God, whom they call Mulungu, created the first Kamba man and woman and dropped them at Nzaui hill.

Nzau hill is on your way to Wote from Emali just adjacent to Kalamba market in Makueni County.

People believe that God created them and placed them on a rock at the top of the hill.

People across the region travel from far and wide to the top of this hill to see human footprints imprinted on a rock where they believe the first Kamba man and woman landed from heaven.

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The other myth suggests that the first Kamba man and woman were pulled out of a cave from the center of the earth through a cave at the same Nzaui hill.

The Kamba and their descendants then spread out around the mountain with the help of Mulungu who brought rain to make the land productive and gave them domestic animals such as dogs, cattle, sheep, and goats.

There are so many myths explaining the origin of the Kamba community including the biblical creation story.

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