Prof. Kibwana asks counties to allow volunteer workers

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Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana

Makueni County Governor Prof. Kibwana K.  has urged County Governments to embrace and promote volunteerism in a bid to engage the huge number of jobless young people who could gain experience by offering services as volunteers.

Prof. Kibwana said that the Kenyan society has been practising volunteerism but the idea is yet to be fully embedded in the society for the benefit of both the people and the governments.

Even in the 60s people volunteered to fight for independence.In the 80s and 90s in this country Professionals volunteered time to help us develop our 2010 constitution.”Prof Kibwana said.

Speaking during the African Probono Volunteerism Conference at the Boma hotel, the Makueni County boss said that its high time Kenya introduces the tradition the culture of volunteerism as a way of tapping the human resource that may be required by governments to deliver certain crucial services but which due to lack of resources cannot be fully engaged.

I think and everyone knows that governments cannot provide and supply all that we need. That is why volunteerism is important. We should therefor encourage our people to embrace the idea of probono movement,” Prof Kibwana stated.

Standard Group Chief Executive Officer Orlando Lyomu who also was present at the event said the media has a major role to play in supporting the breeding of volunteerism.

We need to ensure the role of the media is not just about recording but encourage development of volunteers and their breeding,” Mr. Lyomu said.

The Makueni boy to governor Prof Kibwana K.  was the guest speaker at the African Probono Volunteerism Conference event which was held at the Boma Hotel, Nairobi.

Japanese International Corporation Agency (Jica) Senior Representative Katsuya Kuge said Japan supported the voluntary initiatives in Kenya through Jica dispatch program.

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