Patients decry “sleeping” with dead bodies in Kitui

A dead body in a morgue.

Following an outcry from members of the public alleging that patients were sharing beds with dead bodies at the Kitui Level Five Hospital, the county administration has moved swiftly to ascertain the claims.

Kitui’s senator Hon. Enock Wambua on Sunday made an impromptu visit to the health facility,  seeking to establish the truth of the matter.

To the shock of the senator,  one of the nurses at the facility affirmed to that the claims noting that delays in removing dead bodies were a common occurrence.

Patients at the hospital have lodged complaints of being forced to ‘sleep’ with dead bodies in the wards after deaths of their bedmates.

The nurse  further said that  a number of mortuary attendants claimed to be too  busy whenever they were called to collect the bodies from the wards.

Aside from the mishaps, Some patients who had been referred to Kenyatta National Hospital a week ago were still helplessly waiting for the clearance from the wards after nurses recently downed their tools of work .

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“Even if they are not satisfied with what they earn. They should not let patients sleep with dead bodies. It’s inhuman and shameful,” complained Mulwa, one of the residents.

Ambulances belonging to Machakos County Government were used to transfer the patients to KNH when the nurses downed their tools.

It has not been made clear why they are on strike but some say they need a better pay.


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