Malombe moves to the Supreme court challenging Ngilu’s win

Former governor for Kitui County, Dr Julius Malombe. [Photo/the-star]

The former Kitui county Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has moved to the Supreme court after a second blow was dealt on him by the appellate court.

The former county boss has proved to be  a bad loser, in his relentless efforts  to invalidate the election of his successor governor Charity Ngilu.

This turn of event comes after Malombe’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling in March was thrown out by the Court of Appeal on June 28.

Malone  moved to the Supreme Court saying he is dissatisfied with the ruling by both the High court and the court of appeal.

The court of appeal through judges Mohammed Warsame, Prof Otieno Odek and Roselyn Nambuye dismissed Malombe’s appeal citing lack of merit.

In his notice of appeal filed on July 6, the former governor says the ruling delivered by both the High court and Court of Appeal failed to consider his evidence on alleged electoral malpractices and inflation of votes.

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“Take notice that the appellant being dissatisfied with the entire decision of the Court of Appeal intends to appeal to the Supreme Court of Kenya against the whole of the said decision as decided” the notice reads.

When Justice Pauline Nyamweya dismissed his petition for lack of merit in March, Mr Malombe appealed the ruling saying it was delivered by a judge who is not gazetted to handle election petitions.


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