Shame as Kitui MCA is caught ‘chewing’ college chick in public


A Kitui Member of County Assembly dragged his name into the list of shame after being caught “chewing” a college lady in his car.

Onlookers and passersby were treated to the rare adult movie staged in the middle of the road at the Nzamba Park, Kitui town.

It is alleged that the county law maker could not resist the hot college beauty and decided to smash the goodies in the car before heading to a place of more privacy.

The lady,  reportedly from a local college,  had been torn between opening the cookie jar to the honorable who is in a position to make her dreams come true,  and sticking to the moral lane of chastity.

Being as persuasive and pushy as the waheshimiwas are known to be,  the duo had finally found themselves naked in the front seats of the car,  delving into each other like it was the last thing for them on earth.

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It was not until their spectators formed a sizeable crowd that the love birds realised the error of their misgivings and had to act in haste to salvage whatever morality remained of their faces.

Onlookers present said that it was the lady,  who was brought out of ecstasy while on the driver’s seat,  that chauffeured the honorable out of the mess with the car’s headlights off.

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