Governor Mutua appoints ministers without assembly’s approval

Governor mutua addressing the press outside his office/governor's press service

Machakos county Govenor  Dr. Alfred Mutua on Friday appointed five ministers without the approval of the county assembly.

Speaking in Machakos governor Mutua said that he made the decision after the assembly failed to approve or reject his list of nominees.

Mutua said that the county is lagging behind in development since there are no ministers to pertake functions of the devolved government.

In order to carry out the functions of the devolved government I nominated an initial 5 Ministers and submitted them for vetting by the County Assembly.

The Assembly rejected all the five nominees on grounds which, many believe, were largely influenced by political biases than the legal requirements for vetting”,Said Mutua.

Mutua said that he did the nomination according to the constitution and he doesn’t understand why the assembly is reluctant in interviewing them.

Sometimes back Mutua submitted the names of Ministers to serve in his government but the assembly rejected them.

He was forced to submit a new list wherw he went ahead to retain some of the ministers from his previous regime.

The nominees appeared before the Appointments Committee for their vetting at different dates starting from 11th June, 2018 After the vetting process, the Appointments Committee tabled its report to the County Assembly on 18th July the debate on the report was however interrupted by a motion seeking stoppage of the discussion of the report” He said.

Here’s the list of the  ministers appointed by the governor.

  1. Ms. Evelyne Kavuu Mutie – Energy, Lands, Housing and Urban Development
  2. Eng. Morris Omuyoma Aluanga – RoadsTransport and Public Works
  3. Mr. Titus Nzeki Matiku Kavila – County Administration and Decentralized Units.
  4. Mr. Francis Kiio Mwaka – Trade, Industrialization and Innovation,
  5. Mr. Kimeu Mbithi Kimeu – Public Service, Quality Management and ICT,
  6. Mr. Urbanus Musyoka Wambua – Agriculture, Food Security and CooperativeDevelopment
  7. Mr. Lazarus Kivuva – Education, Skills Training and Social Welfare.
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