Bar owners found admitting minors to be prosecuted

Kangundo children ofdicer Naghan Kyule in his office

Bar owners found admitting underage kids in Machakos county will be prosecuted according to the law.

This was said by Kangundo sub county children officer Nathan Kyule who said that a lot of reported defilement cases take place in bars and rest houses.

Kyule who spoke to Kitui online on Saturday said that waiters of these entertainment joints should be cautioned against serving underage kids.

Nathan said that defilers take the kids to such places and order drinks for tgem and proceed to book a room for them.

“We know what happens next, a child is defiled in those rest houses the adminstration of such places should ensure no admitting kids under the age if 28”, Said Kyule.

He urged the community to help in the fight against defilement cases that have been on the increase.

Kyule said that many defilement cases fail to kick off due to lack of witnesses or evidence.

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He said that some witnesses are paid to keep quiet whereas parents of the defiled children bribed not to report such cases.

” Our future leaders are being molested and defiled as the community watc,we should all come together and fight agaist defilement of our kids,if only you knew the trauma experienced by these kids you wouldn’t cover up such cases”,Said Kyule.

In Machakos county Mwala and Mavoko sub county have recorded increased cases of defilement.

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