Did you know: Kenyans can now divorce in case of mistrust between partners


Kenyan couples have been presented with a rare chance after being allowed to file for a divorce on grounds of deep mistrust in marriage.

This is according to a ruling that was made by High Court judge Antony Mrima.

The judge made the decision after granting a divorce to a wife and her husband after the woman described her irreparable suspicions that her husband was unfaithful without any evidence.

The two went to court in 2015 after the wife moved out of her matrimonial home and sought to dissolve her marriage before Senior Resident Magistrate M. Wachira.

In 2017, Wachira declined to issue the divorce citing lack of sufficient and implicating evidence.

According to the husband, the allegations by his wife were not only untrue but also adversely unfounded. He maintained that he loved her, asking the court to order her to return to their matrimonial home.

The woman appealed the magistrate’s decision adding that they had sought counseling from a cleric on four separate occasions but in vain.

“The evidence in this matter reveals that all is not well between the parties.”  Said judge Antony Mrima in his ruling.

The judge went on to add that had the husband truly loved his wife,  then he would have tried to calm trouble in his marriage before it escalated.

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