The day Kitui parents were arrested for locking up sick daughter

Handcuffs/mumo Agnes

Two years ago, Kitui police laid their hands on  parents from Silanga village that had refused to take their daughter for medication.

This was despite their form three daughter  being sick for almost six months,yet the laments chose to lock her up at home. .

The parents,when asked why they resorted to such measures, said that they had hope that their daughter aged 16 would get well with prayers.

The mother,Malia Mwendwa, a Kavonokia sect adherent, was arrested after a report was made to the village elders about the issue and later notified the authorities.
Surprisingly both parents of the girl were teachers in a local school but chose to deny their child medical attention.

However the girl was taken to Kitui district hospital where she was attended to .
At the time of going to press, the police were also looking for the father with both parents expected to be arraigned in court.

The mother however vehemently defended the act saying that their religion does not allow them to seek medical attention.
She said that they believed in prayers for all forms of healing and her daughters healing was on the way.

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While being arrested, the suspect adamantly cited the teachings of Jesus on the power of prayers arguing that she had not taken drugs since she was born in 1984 and that out of her six children, only three had ever gotten ill.

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