What many don’t know about Hon.Patrick Mweu

Kibwezi West Member of Parliament Hon. Patrick Mweu Musimba. [PHOTO/logic.co.ke]

Winning an election has never been a task for Hon. Patrick Mweu Musimba, the Kibwezi West member of Parliament who makes winning look so easy.

The legislator has defied all odds, winning and defending his parliamentary seat against prolific and established leaders, yet he vied as an independent candidate.

Patrick Mweu,  the reigning Kibwezi west MP has won a record three consecutive elections as an independent candidate,just under five years.


In 2013, Patrick Meet won the Kibwezi West parliamentary seat as an independent candidate beating the area’s big wig Kalembe Ndile and the then incumbent MP Philip Kaloki. It was a tough race that saw him win with narrow margin of 199 votes,  having garnered 17,174 votes over Kalembe’s 16,975.

However, Musimba’s victory didn’t last for long as Ndile took to the courts to challenge the victory. A re-count found out that Ndile had won the election with 44 votes over Musimba’s votes and a by-election was ordered by Justice David Majanja.

In an interesting turn of events,  Musimba,as an independent candidate emerged victorious in the by-election  with 17,103 votes against Ndile’s 16,928, a difference of 175 votes.

Dr. Patrick Meet Musimba once again vied on an Independent candidate for a third time and managed to be reelected  as Kibwezi West’s legislator in the polls of August 8, 2017.

In this instance,  Mweu won the seat, despite coming against Wiper’s James Mbaluka who was better placed, riding on the party’s popularity in the region.

Musimba has since broken the record of winning most elections as an independent candidate in less than five years.

His victory could be attributed to good leadership and development track records.

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