AP Police turns rogue in Kitui, defiles 14-year old


A poor peasant family in Kitui County is crying for justice after their 14 year old daughter was allegedly defiled severally by a police officer, who later assaulted her mother and robbed them their only goat.

In a sad sequence of events that depict the worst of police brutality, Mrs Bretta Vilita Kalutu had her Standard Five daughter moved away by an Administration police constable from their Kitoo village home in Mutito district and kept in isolation for two weeks.

According to Mrs Kalutu, the AP officer stormed their home before 6am armed with a pistol and threatened to shoot her if she stopped him from ransacking the house in search of his bag allegedly stolen by the girl.

“I was awoken by rude banging at the door around 6am. When I got out, the officer identified as Ambrose Mutua demanded a bag that I knew nothing about, my husband was away and I was still agonizing over the safety of her daughter who for two weeks had not been seen” she narrated.

The mother of four whose husband, John Kalutu, works as a domestic farm hand in the neighboring Kisasi district was then beaten up by the same officer on the morning of Sunday July 15th, on allegations that her missing daughter had stolen the officer’s bag.

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“When my small kids saw the officer holding a gun and shouting at me, they started screaming and crying. He then grabbed our only goat that was tethered outside saying he will take it away to compensate himself for the lost bag” she narrated.

As the woman resisted the goat being taken away, the officer rained several blows on her in full glare of her crying kids threatening to shoot her. The officer told the woman he’ll sell the goat to recover his bag.

Distressed and deeply hurt by the defilement of her daughter, the brutal assault by the police officer and the violent robbery of her only goat, Mrs Kalutu went to report the matter to Mutito Police Station where she recorded statement the same day.

Her daughter was found stranded in Kitui town 70 kilometers away from village, with the bag by a Good Samaritan who alerted her parents. The girl was taken to hospital for medical examination while the mother was treated for bruises at Mutito health centre.

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It turned out that the officer lured the young girl to his house at the AP camp as she returned home from Kilanga primary school and defiled her for two weeks and that he also gave her the bag in question to put her spare dress and some Sh500 bus fare to flee the area.

The girl who has since recorded statements with investigators confessed that she was staying at the police camp with the officer and that she was never allowed her to venture out. She was put in a Matatu that leaves the area to Kitui at 4am with a promise to join her later.

Three days after the Sunday incident, the woman’s goat was recovered by police at the hands of the AP officer where it was photographed as exhibit in the case, and returned to the family.

“The OCS told me to take the goat home because there was nowhere to keep it and that they had taken pictures for use for use in court” Mrs Kalutu recounted adding police were reluctant to take action against the AP officer.

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