The only place in Kenya to experience the longest lunar eclipse on Friday


Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth casts its shadow on the moon as the orbits of the two celestial objects cross each other therefore the moon appearing darkened.

On 27/7/2018, the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years will occur which will last for 103 minutes.
According to timeanddate. com, this rare happening will begin at 8:14PM and end on Saturday 2:28AM with the darkest time estimated to be 11:21 Pm.
Omenyangamong area in Turkana County is the Only place in Kenya that will witness this wonders of nature.
CNN revealed that Friday’s eclipse will reveal what is known as ‘blood moon’ where the moon appears reddish.
Sunlight passing through earth’s atmosphere will light the moon turning it red hence forming the Blood Moon.
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